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A great family, a great beer. Rodenbach is rooted in a family tradition going back to 1714. The Rodenbach family produced great politicians, traders, authors and poets (including Georges Rodenbach, author of “Bruges la Morte”), but also a generation of great, traditional brewers. Nowadays Rodenbach is one of the world’s most unique breweries, but above all a brewery where some of the world’s most exceptional beers are produced.

Rodenbach’s subtle sour undertones make it a real thirst-quencher. Acclaimed beer connoisseur Michael Jackson calls Rodenbach “the most refreshing beer in the world.”

Rodenbach Classic’s characteristic taste is achieved through its unique mixed fermentation process, whereby top yeasts and bacterial flora undergo 24 months of maturation in 150 year old oak casks, resulting in the distinctively gentle sour taste for which it is known and loved.


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